Federation of European
Biological Systematic Societies


2017 BioSyst.EU Meeting


BioSyst.EU represents European scientists dealing with topics of systematic biology. It considers itself as a collaborative counterpart to the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) where European Natural History Institutions have joined, whereas in BioSyst.EU individual scientists are to be represented via their national or regional societies.

Next BioSyst.EU, 15–18 August 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

The third meeting of the BioSyst.EU will be organised by the Swedish Systematics Association in corporation with the University of Gothenburg and will be held August 15–18, 2017 at the Wallenberg Conference Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden. The meeting will feature half-day symposia held by member societies of BioSyst.EU and external organisations as well as open sessions with mixed presentations. More information on the meeting, and registration forms, are available at:


BioSyst.EU aims to provide a European platform to:

  • hold joint meetings on a regular basis;

  • promote research, teaching, and training in all areas of systematic biology, including phylogenetic, taxonomic, and biodiversity research;

  • encourage collaboration and interchange among researchers, both individually and through their respective societies and institutions;

  • coordinate national and international efforts without infringing on the autonomy of the member societies;

  • encourage formation of additional national systematic societies, while continuing to represent systematists in countries still lacking formal societies;

  • increase the profile and funding of systematic biology in the European parliament.

BioSyst.EU History

The first joint European conference took place in August 11–14, 2009 in Leiden and was organized by the National Herbarium of the Netherlands and the National Museum of Natural History (Naturalis). The second joint European conference took place in February 18–22, 2013 in Vienna and was organized by Nobis Austria, the University of Vienna and the Natural History Museum Vienna.

On 14 August 2009 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed, regulating the collaboration of the national societies.

Current member societies (and their delegates)


Contact: Ulf Jondelius



Stockholm 12 February 2017